Introducing: Kylene Lovat from SMASHCAKES!!

The Face behind the page ~ Kylene “The Smasher” Lovat from SMASHCAKE

KYLENE Presentation1

Hi- I’m Kylene but these days seem to be answering more to “The Smasher”, “Smashie”, “Smashcake Queen” & anything else Smashingly related now that my business SMASHCAKE has become an extension of my being….

I’m Sydney, Australia, born & bred & live in Coogee with my amazingly supportive hubbie & my two beautiful, crazy & loving boys, Haiden- 8, & Jesse- 5.

If you were to cut me open I would bleed chocolate. Along with my family, chocolate is my equal first love & it’s simply just always being that way- well at least for as long as I can remember. I have no formal chocolate training but have dabbled & dabbled & dabbled some more in the warm, sweet, sticky stuff for more than ¾ of my life, since the tender chocolate loving age of 9. My first job was at the Sydney Hilton making desserts, then Death By Chocolate. From there it was one chocolate business venture & then another.

My inspiration came for Smashcake about 4 years ago when a friend gave me an unusual gift- a chocolate box filled with sweets. I loved the novelty aspect of this so much that it inspired me to experiment with cakes shaped out of chocolate – quirky ones filled with lollies & designed to be smashed apart with a hammer! I made my first prototype & was lucky enough to be able to display it at Haiden’s day care centre. The first order came that week & then they kept rolling in. This inspired me to register my brand SMASHCAKE & a few months later, the day Haiden started Kinder, I launched my online shop


3 years down the Smashcake track & a lot of blood, sweat, tears, trials, tribulations, melt downs (yes literally) & toddler tantrums to boot, my business is right where I planned for it to be.

Just last week I waved goodbye with tears in my eyes to my youngest, Jesse, on his first day at school. Secretly, I found solace in the fact that I would be turning to my other baby, SMASHCAKE (the one I know will never leave me!) to love, nurture & grow it since it had been tugging on my apron strings for far too long demanding some extra special attention….I’m as happy as a kid in a candy shop that the time for that is NOW!


Having boys with destructive personalities has been brilliant for my business! My market research has been free & fun & permanently in my face, day in day out. They tell me what works & what doesn’t, what’s cool & what’s not & they have even recently implemented a scaling system to rank the “siiiiickness” of my work.

We are also very lucky to have friends with beautiful daughters who have also been a source of inspiration & advice for my ‘girlie” designs. The creative freedom my friends & family have allowed me & the faith they have in me has transpired to some of my best pieces of work.

3 Smashcake

My Must Have Tool

This is sounding SO corny but the answer to this is my mind! When I switch it on & put it in positive ”I can do/I believe” mode things just happen for me. If I don’t program it correctly each morning I’m guaranteed things will be turned upside down that day. I’ve always been my toughest judge & I have not always backed myself. Over time I’ve learnt that self-belief & a positive state of mind always gets the hardest part of the job done. Now that I have learnt how to work it right, my favourite tool is definitely my mind because it’s the most powerful one I own…………..My new Air Master Air Brushing system is pretty good too 😉

Advice on Business

I think it’s difficult to advise others in business as our circumstances & journeys are always going to be different. Having said I’m always pep talking myself about Smashcake & these are some of the conversations I often have …..”Work your butt off…..Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day… Dream Big- Aim High….Fight for what you believe in…..Never say die….Surround yourself with positive people & positive energy…..Smile freely….Love warmly…..Treat respectfully…..Stay true to yourself…..Always be honest……Always listen….Admit your mistakes….learn from them…..Laugh a lot….laugh some more….and just a little bit more…

4 Smashcake

Life is Smashingly Sweet…..X

Visit Kylene at Smashcake

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