Cakes And Cookies Cupcake Wrappers – Learn about the maker & WIN A TUTORIAL!

Admiring decorators & artists is simply not enough for me, when I find something truly unique, I have a need to know more.  Not just about the work, but the person behind the concept, the design element, the thought process, what makes them tick and where have they come from to land themselves here today…with impressive talent!

I first discovered ‘hidden surprise’ cakes virtually when I started the Fifty Shades of Cake page.  Initial discovery led me to this fabulous facebook page with incredibly detailed and meticulously crafted hidden surprises inside!  The wonderful lady behind the concept & I have conversed via email, talking about what we both do, what we’ve done and why we are doing what we are doing.  I think I re-read the email on her background at least half a dozen times!

CakeAndCookieCupcakeWrappers – you’ve seen the work, you’ve liked the design, you’ve asked ‘how can I do that?’… Well here’s your chance to learn more about Terry, the creator!  Her background is something to read… and after you have,

There’s a chance to WIN one of her fabulous tutorials which she sells worldwide!

In the words of Terry…

“My story is a long one, and hardly enough time to go into all that now, but I have led an incredibly interesting life. Trained as a graphic designer qualifying in 1976, way before computers, cell phones, and the year that TV made it’s debut in South Africa. 

So I certainly grew up with no technology to speak of, and only in recent years got to grips with what I need to, in order for my world to go around.  I had started at art school doing industrial design before changing to graphics, but spent many years as a press photographer, being the first female in the profession covering more than “girly” stuff.  Interesting years working for an English, and then Afrikaans, and then back to an English morning newspaper.

The best years of my life, and years whilst South Africa was still finding it’s feet so to speak. The year I finished art school – 1976 – was the start of the Soweto riots which was the beginning of the changes in our country.  Well, skipping out a huge chunk, I married, went sailing for 5 years – 3 of which were spent in Mauritius doing yacht charters.  1988 my daughter – now 24 was born, and we returned to South Africa.

In 1996 we lost our home which was situated besides a river in a dreadful flood, and basically emerged with the clothing we were wearing.  I lost amongst everything else, my successful decoupage business, and three weeks after that happened, my husband took off too!!….so, yes, an eventful period in my life. I then moved to where I currently live on the Garden Route, namely Knysna. I had been asked just after the flood to work for a company making carved wooden birds etc. in the town, and although I started in a menial capacity, eventually became it’s marketing director.  Stayed there for nine years, and then decided to go it alone.  Baking!…of all things.

For the last couple of years I have been doing cakes with edible photographs, and then in 2010 started my cupcake wrapper business, being the first in SA to manufacture them.  Like everything else, others soon followed, but I am still the leader of the pack!!….I design and cut the “printed” range, and had dies made for my printer to cut the imported papers I get. Recently also designed and introduced my single cupcake box.  I can’t quite say why I got a bee in my bonnet recently, and went for the “inside job” cakes.  They are original ideas, and I decided to combine all of my talents and give it a go.  I seem to have unleashed a sort of beast!!…..I hardly expected the reaction I have had, and have sent my notes to every corner of the planet. 

2012 has been an interesting year from a creative perspective. In September 2012. I was one of the 25 top finalists in a popular magazines “Creativity 2012” competition.  I did royal iced cookies as my entry.  I still have difficulty getting my head around FACEBOOK, and it certainly seems to have a life of it’s own.  I often read in comments that “I wonder how they did that”.?

I am actually a one man band!!….without staff to help me.  I have a dear friend with whom I live, and we dream my cakes up together…He is the engineer, and I am the bottle and pan washer!…but we have tons of good laughs.

So that’s Terry, in an abridged version, a snapshot of the person behind the page, the driver of this concept which can only be described as sheer brilliance.

One Fifty Shades of Cake fan will receive a design tutorial direct from CakeAndCookieCupcakeWrappers, all you have to do is let us know what special occasion would you LOVE to make this design for in the comment box below by Friday 23rd November 2012!!

CakesAndCookieCupcakeWrappers – show this wonderful lady some love and see her page!!


Giveaway open to residents worldwide.  The tutorial will be posted directly to the winner by the author, CakesAndCookieCupcakeWrapper.

Entries close 23rd November, 2012.

Winner will be selected on the strength of their answer (game of skill) and no correspondence will be entered into.

Winners will be notified by email & and announced on Fifty Shades of Cake with written consent by the winner.

Your entries may be shared via the Fifty Shades of Cake Facebook Page.

Any entries posted by the Promoter to Facebook will be accompanied by the first name you use to post your comment.

Facebook is not a contributor, promoter or connected to this Giveaway.


85 thoughts on “Cakes And Cookies Cupcake Wrappers – Learn about the maker & WIN A TUTORIAL!

  1. I would love to bake a cake with a seashore theme and put the dolphins inside for my 50th Birthday next year because I de-stress from baking by imagining I am on a beach with the sun beating down on me as I run my fingers through the warm sand and the sea gently lapping at my toes. Just looking at that cake takes me to that happy place. :o)

  2. I would love to have a tutorial of this amazing cake…i want to make these cakes to all the birthdays of my family, friends and the family where I am working as a Nanny right now. thank you 🙂

  3. I’d bake my little heart out. It would supplement my husbands minimum wage job and support our family of six. I love baking and I love new ideas. I’ve followed your page for awhile now and I’m amazed at your creativity. This would take me to the next level.

  4. I would like the tutorial of this cake so I could WOW everyone. I would make these cakes for all occasions but probably mostly birthdays. I want people to see the beauty on the inside!

  5. I am a South African Cypriot living in Cyprus now and as I am unemployed at the moment I can’t afford to go home for Christmas to see my parents and brothers! My husband is also Cypriot from Zambia so we share the love of Africa. We are lucky enough to have his immediate family here with us so I would LOVE to make the Africa-themed cake for them this Christmas so that we can have a taste of home for the holiday season!

    I admire Terry and all she has been through and hope that I can face life’s ups and downs as well as she has!

  6. Hi there.

    I would love to win this to make it especially for my children aged 4 and 6 years old:) Whenever there is an ocassion such as anniversary/ mothers/fathers day etc, they always see me baking a cake and cannot understand why there is no childrens day!!! So hopefully if I win, I would like to use it for a childrens day cake for my kids!

    Thank you!

  7. Loved reading your story. You certainly do lead an adventurous life:). I admire your since of creativity and admit your tutorials have been on my want list since I first saw your dolphin cake. What occasion would I use it for? Well that’s hard to answer as I am constantly baking things not just for special occasions but because I just love to bake and to explore new and creative techniques. I’m sure i would use the concept for a birthday or holiday but really just can’t wait to know how to do it just so I can create something unique and fun for the sake of it 🙂 Thanks!

  8. I recently spent 5 weeks in Kimberly carrying out conservation work as part of my Uni course. This included catching giraffe and moving them to safe areas. I took literally hundreds of photos and I am soon going to have a show for all my family to show them what I’ve been up to. I would absolutely LOVE to make the African cake for everyone as an amazing show stopper to the end of the picture show. Literally give them a taste of Africa! (And Terry- you are an inspiration!). Thanks x x x

  9. I would love to do this for me! I love trying out new ideas and methods and there’s no way that any one will ever do this for me! I do everybody’s cakes,so this time I want to celebrate me, ‘cos I deserve it!

  10. My caking journey started out making cakes for my kids and family. Watching the joy and delight on their faces as the cake is brought out is my highlight. I would love to create a cake like your inside stories to give my family a second dose of pleasure as the cake is cut and a story revealed.

  11. I want to do the African scene cake for a young lady who loves animals. When I first saw that cake I just stared at it for a long time. I was amazed, and I cannot wait to learn how to create such a wonderful cake.

  12. i would love to make this cake with these inside then raffle it for charity so i ,have fun making it and a charity get some money from it xx

  13. Love to bake any of these for my soldier each time he comes back home from his military duties. He is a cake lover and we love to share my baking skills with family amd friends!

  14. Let me start with this. I try to bake my kids own birthday cakes. And all other occations we have. So I would like to surprise them with a new design for Christmas. It will be so nice to see their faces. And set the bar higher for the next cake.

  15. For the past year my daughters class has been learning about the importance of Marine Reserves and the need to protect our waters…They have even been swimming with our native dolphins which are becoming endangered. They have a lunch coming up at school to thank everyone who has helped them with this experience and I would love to be able to make the dolphin cake for them!

  16. My passion for cake decorating and baking started out when i was just 14. 2 decades later i have decided to follow my dreams and actually started making cakes for family and friends.I now have 2 little boys who are 9 and 3 years of age who often say they would like to follow my footsteps and are now very keen learners and sit with me while i work.this is something that i would love to learn and share with my boys…our special thing to share and enjoy making together. they’re passion for cake making reflects on how they create they’re own little designs and decorations… something that i am very proud of.

  17. I am a carer for my 87 year old mother who has alzheimers and i live in rural north queensland in the middle of sugar cane fields and i would love to learn to make these wonderful cakes as where i live is the Great Barrier Reef which is a wonderworld of special sea creatures with wonderful rainforest at its edge so these cakes would be a fitting tribute to both Terry and the Forest ,Flowers and sea creatures etc

  18. I am a Family Day Carer and the children I look after love animals, particularly African animals. I would make this cake to celebrate my first year as a carer at a party with all my kids. They would be blown away!

  19. Would love one of these to have at my 30th next year and my daughters first only 8 days apart, it will be a truly great celebration with one of these astounding cakes

  20. It is my 40th soon and would been my parents 40th Wed anniversary however we lost my dad in June so feel your amazing special cakes would make us smile again. Xxx

  21. Would love Christmas theme. It would be the perfect finish to a perfect meal/ day. Would love to seem little girl and older kids face when they found a surprise in the cake

  22. Que hermosa historia de superacion. Lo que Terry hace inspira paz y un sentimiento mas alla. Es una escena recreada en vez de con una foto con sus manos.

  23. wow! just amazing! I currently live in Niamey Niger, teaching Missionary Kids. I left all of my cake books at home in Australia when I came to Niger. I would love to be able to bless the little munchkins I work with, buy having a special cake on their specil day.
    Also as soon as I saw the “Africa” cake… I thought, “I have to figure out how to do it!”
    Be Blessed, and thanks for making the world more interesting.

  24. Would love to do a Tinkerbell themed cake for her birthday in December. It’s amazing to see the inside if these cakes.You have truely been given a God given gift.

  25. hello i am always looking for ideas to raise money for the local playgroup which i run. and as this inside cake is so new and has the wow factor, that if i could attempt it and succeed, i could put the fruit of my labours up for auction and i know i could (if i could duplicate it to half the standard that the above pictures show) raise some much needed funds!!!!!! also my grandfather’s currently in hospital and i think that if i could make a cake like this it would cheer him up and make a different and interesting 80th birthday cake for him and i could make a 4th birthday cake for my daughter who shares a birthday with him!! thank you for inspiring so many of us all over the world and wish you all the luck in the future xxxxxx

  26. My best friend and I had our gorgeous baby girls, Elizabeth and Ava, 6 weeks apart and after sharing the ups and downs of their first year, we are planning a special first birthday celebration for them – both girls seem to love animals and one of these beautiful cakes would be a fantastic treat… they would be very excited to see colours and pictures inside the cake!! This would be a wonderful way to mark a special milestone for our girls and their Mummies 🙂

  27. I would love to make a special cake for my husband, he loves the see, his birthday is 4the of januari (mine is 7the januari ;-D)…i never know what to buy for him and think that this is a special way to say: i love you xx marja

  28. christmas around my eldest daughters house, there will be 15 of us, so will be a brilliant day. would love a father christmas and rudolph cake. good luck to all who enters. x

  29. I have 2 sisters, 3 brothers, 2 brothers-in-law, 3 sisters-in-law, 9 nephews (from 1 year to 17 years old), 3 nieces (from 4 weeks old to 15 years old) and my husband and I have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. We will all be spending our first ever christmas all together. Even some aunties are flying over to spend the day with us all. Grandma and Poppy are so excited to have everyone together and I would love to mark the occasion with a beautiful christmas themed cake. Thank you for the chance to win! Nicole

  30. I would love either the Africa (elephant and giraffe) cake or the dolphin! My son’s 3rd b’day is coming up, and it will be in winter. Since we live in the up North East BC, winter here is very long, 6 months!! and very cold, not to mention traveling out is very expensive (we are very far from anywhere). Bringing the “sun” (the African-themed cake) or the fun of the sea (the dolphin cake), would give him an amazing birthday cake for sure. Thank you~~~ Nina

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