Fifty Shades of Cake – REVEALED!

Hi, I’m Kristin – I am the founder of Fifty Shades of Cake.

This is me, the 'face' to the 'book'. Fifty Shades of Cake.

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t make alot of cakes!  In fact, I would probably bake 3-4 times a month.  I bake ‘on a whim’, when the mood strikes, when a recipe catches my eye.  I bake on ‘referral’ from others recommendation of great recipes, and gain inspiration from the weekly women’s magazines with their stylishly presented creations.

Not unlike so many of you, I started my love affair with all sweet baked goods from an early age, watching my Grandmother prepare old-style cakes from the most wholesome of ingredients, always ensuring I understood the importance of ‘fresh & the best’.  Hand beaten eggs, a pinch of salt over the shoulder for good luck (this I still don’t understand)!

I can ‘bake’ a mean cake, I understand it.  Decorating….well, let’s just leave that to those who are magnificent at their craft.

I don’t make cakes to sell, I have never aspired to be brilliant at the craft, I have no desire to ever be a baker or maker of cakes as a living – the clean up of the work frightens me too much.  In fact, I work in a diametrically opposed arena. Eating cake would be my favourite part of the process.

My interest in cakes was evoked again some years ago with the advent of the Food Channel; Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Nigella – the shows that got me through sleepless nights with a newborn. I have an enduring appreciation for those who have crafted a business from making and designing amazing cakes.

HOWEVER, what I love MOST is ‘talking’ about cakes, and all things associated.

Since my first ‘pay-cheque’ many moons ago, I was labelled ‘An Advertisers Dream’ – captivated by marketing campaigns, magazines, advertising for all ‘new to market products’, buying as many (affordable) new release products.  In the ‘Marketing’ world, I am what they classify as ‘An Early Adopter’!  I jump in straight away, (hence one of my first posts about the Philadelphia/Cadbury ready-to-eat Frosting).  I share my new found products with anyone who will listen, I encourage them to enjoy it, buy it, tell everyone else.  An unpaid passion of mine, talking and encouraging, promoting and sharing, recommending & trialling.

However, I am a discerning ‘buyer’ of cakes.  There are a handful of amazing local cake shops & businesses which I regularly buy from; I know where they come from, what ingredients they use, their freshness, their uniqueness, their perpetual taste.  I am a loyal devotee to these businesses, as they are to my waistline.  Always looking for more.

So almost six weeks ago, Fifty Shades of Cake was born – a page, a  blog, a medium to communicate CAKE and everything that comes with it. Creation, decoration, purchase, ingredients, packaging, presentation, failures, triumphs, how to source et al.  This community is growing organically with folks that enjoy cake and want to read about it each time they log into Facebook.

I promote it all, I share it all, I talk about it all, I post it, I credit it.  A self-proclaimed ‘novice’ in this dynamic cake-making industry, I still weave in to the page, the things I have learnt, the recipes I have used for years, the tips that have been shared to me over the years and the products I buy, love and want.

Tell em, Tell em, and Tell me again!



5 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Cake – REVEALED!

  1. I love your passion for all thinks cakes & your sincerity in sharing what you love and believe in most- A cake taster is as much , if not more so, expert, in product knowledgement, as a cake maker! Congratulations on a wonderful and much loved page!! (& thanks to my friend Cora-Lee, who sent me to you) 🙂

  2. As someone who is just starting out with making and decorating cakes i have to say that without my ‘tasters’ i would be at a loss! i know what i like and (thankfully!) my tasters like it too 🙂 it’s great to have somewhere to look for ideas and recipes and how to do things lol

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