So, why did you ‘like’ Fifty Shades of Cake?

So, if you’re reading this you’re already tuned into this strange little facebook page dedicated to ‘cakes’! So how did you arrive here?

We’re not selling you cakes, or products, or books, or guides, or telling you who the best is out there. Quite the opposite.  We are building a community of people worldwide who either love making, baking, decorating, eating, selling or buying them, or perhaps it’s just a new hobby.  People send us a variety of topics to discuss, profile, share and report.  No two days are ever the same.

If you are reading this, then I ask only one thing from you.  If you have come across our page as an ‘interested’ party, please do us a favour and keep our updates on your Newsfeed, this way, as our community expands, the readership extends to those who are interested in answers to questions, comments, expert advice (or novice for that matter).  If you really don’t enjoy seeing all our updates, then please ‘unlike’ us for the sake of the others here.  No use ‘liking’ then hiding from your Newsfeed, kind of defeats the purpose.  (Yes, we get the stats here, it happens and it annoys us).

Our aim to have an ‘engaged’ audience, people wanting to communicate, share and be part of it.  We are not after ‘numbers’.  ‘Likes’ to us will only represent a significance if we have an active audience.  We don’t ‘buy’ likers, we don’t ‘tag’ aimlessly.  We engage with other fabulous pages & people, who engage with us.

In saying that, welcome to everyone, everyone’s welcome.

Please only ‘LIKE’ us if you’re interested in us!


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